C-Arm Covers

High-quality and sterile C-arm covers made of PE film to protect non-sterile C-arms and image converters in medical practices and hospitals.

Initially, magnets are attached to the C-arm by means of a two-component adhesive. Subsequently, the covers are fixed precisely by using small magnet plates. A variety of fitting covers and hoods are available for image converters and anodes. Depending on the equipment design, sterile C-arm covers are offered as single units, or with one or two bags/hoods.

Our C-arm covers are, due to their technical design, easy to handle by practice or clinic staff.

C-Arm Covers For Renowned Manufacturers

  • Siemens: Siremobil

  • GE: FlexiView and Fluorstar

  • Philips: BV Endura

  • Ziehm: Exposcop

The first measure value refers to the width when opened, the second to the length, the number of cells and, if available, the number auf bags (z. B. IP41004 = 32 cm width when opened, 192 cm length, 7 cells, 1 bag 80 cm width 75 cm height, 1 bag 60 cm width 65 cm height).

Reference # Size Packing Unit
IP41004 32 x 192 cm, 7 cells
bag 80 x 75 cm
bag 60 x 65 cm
IP41807 32 x 192 cm, 7 cells
bag 80 x 75 cm
IP44801 32 x 192 cm, 7 cells 20
IP53802 44 x 224 cm, 7 cells
bag 90 x 70 cm
bag 80 x 75 cm
IP52510 44 x 224 cm, 7 cells
bag  90 x 70 cm
IP41801 44 x 224 cm, 7 cells 20

Sterile C-arm covers for medical devices in other sizes or dimensions, are of course available from MHMedical-Tec on request. Contact us and we will fulfill your wishes.

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