Advanced preservative free postsurgery lubricant.

OCULOCIN® REGEN is made with propolis, chamomile and green tea. The eye drops rinse, moisturize and protect the surface of the eye. They relieve irritation and are recommended as an aid after eye surgery or procedure diagnosis.

  • Prescription

  • Naturally effective

  • Quick ocular recovery after surgery

  • Persistant protection

  • Undisputable comfort

  • Clinically proven (rapid impact)

  • Reclosable and not leaking

Awarded by the WPO (World Packaging Organisation) for “World’s best Package for best Product”.


Complications probability, duration and overall healing time decrease up to.*

*Data from ORIGMED clinical trails and case studies.


Propolis is a special type of bee wax specifically used for protection of bee hives from surrounding factors. It’s been used for centuries worldwide for various health issues. Many scientific studies have indicated its antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, pain relief and immune stimulating abilities. Rich in polyphenols and other components, this natural ingredient may play an important role in protection of the ocular surface.


(lat. Chamomilla Matricaria) is one of the most well-known and used plant. Containing alfa-bisabolos and azulens among other components this plant is indicated as a spasmolytic and antiseptic within scientific studies. This natural ingredient may play an important role in protection and comfort of the ocular surface.

Green tea

Green tea is a very well-known home remedy. The extract helps with puffy eyes and dark circles under the eyes.


When to prescribe OCULOCIN® REGEN?

The best performance OCULOCIN® REGEN shows when used in addition to the common drug “cocktail” instead of usually prescribed random lubricant.

OCULOCIN® REGEN functionally complement common drug treatment by accerlerating restoration process and decreasing risk and level of complications.

OCULOCIN® REGEN decrease discomfort an dother related symptoms felt after most eye interventions. It is know, that most of th LASIK and other eye surgery patinets fell dry eye symptoms after surgery and big part of them still feel it 1 month after surgery, that is why OCULOCIN® REGEN can not only help to reduce negative symptoms, but also help the patient to feel positive effect of the surgery faster.


OCULOCIN® REGEN can be used as short term aid or prolonged time as much as needed. No side effects are observed or reported. However, we did not test it as hypoallergenic product so people with allergies must be cautious and check the ingredients.

Can OCULOCIN® REGEN be used for children?

OCULOCIN® REGEN was not tested for babies, so therapists must be cautious in children below 3 years old.

Can OCULOCIN® REGEN be used for contact lens wearers?

Yes, it can. However, for better efficacy, we recommend the use of OCULOCIN® REGEN without contact lenses since it is a physical barrier between the eye drops and cornea.



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