March 2023 – STERPLUS Cover by MHM sterile

Dear customers and business partners,

in close cooperation with Siemens we launched the STERPLUS Cover by MHM, compatible for myNeedle Companion on Siemens CT systems.

The STERPLUS Covers by MHM are available in two versions. The STERPLUS Cover Elastic as a cover with elastic band, and the STERPLUS Cover Sleeve as a cover hood. Both tablet hoods are made of PE film and offer maximum durability and cleanliness to protect your myNeedle Companion from harmful environmental influences, such as liquids or dirt.

STERPLUS covers are also easy to handle by practice or clinic staff. This ensures a professional and safe cover for their high-quality, medical devices.

If you have any questions about the sterile STERPLUS covers, you can already get an overview on our website. You are also welcome to contact us via phone or e-mail.

In the process of digitalization we are pleased to inform you that we are currently working on an online store. In the medium term it is planned that our complete product portfolio will be available for you online. We will inform you on our website when our store is live. Therefore, please check back with us often.

Best regards and stay healthy!

Andreas Kühnel

April 2022 – Trade products of CliniPharma Ltd

Dear customers and business partners,

in the process of brand management of MHMedical Tec, we have succeeded in bringing another strong partner on board.

CliniPharma Ltd. is a young and progressive company producing medical devices such as infusion sets, transfusion sets, extension lines and accessories for the medical market in the Czech Republic.

The strategy of CliniPharma is to bring high quality and innovative products to the market. The main advantages offered by the company are flexibility and quick response to market changes and customer needs.

In order to be able to operate successfully in the current dynamic market environment, the employees of CliniPharma have many years of professional experience in the medical field.

The MHM team and I are looking forward to a successful cooperation. We will introduce the trade products on our website as soon as possible.

If you already have questions about CliniPharma’s products or how we can help you with our product portfolio, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Best regards and stay healthy!

Andreas Kühnel

February 2022 – Team strengthening and exclusive distribution of natural based eye drops (Oculocin®) of Origmed

Dear customers and business partners,

after now more than one year of working in the MHM management team, together with Mr. Detlev-Sven Neumann, I took over the single management in January. Mr. Neumann has retired as Managing Director on 01 January 2022, but will continue to be available to us and to you as a consultant with his many years of extensive know-how.

The MHM team has also received reinforcement. From now on, Mr. Michael Heider will take care of the departments Sales, Marketing, Development and Customer Management. Ms. Julienne Höfel and Mr. Khaled Falihzadeh have been recruited for the resort Regulatory Affairs. I and the MHM team are very pleased about the reinforcement, which will support you with words and deeds. To make the company fit for the future, we are also working on MDR certification.

I am also pleased to inform you that MHMedical Tec GmbH has taken over the exclusive distribution of eye drops of the company Origmed ( for Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Spain and Portugal. We have found a strong partner with high-quality and pioneering products.

The innovative eye drops based on natural active ingredients are a good choice for the treatment of dry eyes. We are also planning to redesign our website soon, so that users can get specific information about these products

If you have any questions about Origmed products, I and the MHM team are at your disposal.

Best regards and stay healthy!

Andreas Kühnel

February 2021 – Designing The Future Together

Dear partners of MHMedical Tec,

we are pleased to inform you that we have set the course for the future development of MHMedical Tec GmbH – Mr. Andreas Kühnel has joined the management of MHMedical Tec GmbH as of 01 January 2021.

Mr. Kühnel looks back on 30 years of experience in the field of medical technology in various areas and is looking forward to a partnership and trustful cooperation with you.

With this we have found a succession plan in Spe which ensures that MHMedical Tec GmbH can develop further together with you and that we will continue to be at your side as a competent problem solver.

The previous sole managing director Mr. Detlev-Sven Neumann will remain in the management until the end of 2022, so that the transition can take place seamlessly and will of course continue to be available to you as a contact person during this time.

How can we grow? Let’s talk about how we can get new projects and ideas off the ground!
When do you have time for an exchange of ideas, e.g. in a video conference?
We would be happy to receive a date suggestion at

Best regards

MHMedical Tec GmbH

Andreas Kühnel

Detlev-Sven Neumann

December 2020 – Product Portfolio Streamlining

The increasing regulatory requirements – so far MDD in the future MDR – for medical technology manufacturers mean an enormous effort for which the resources are foreseeably not sufficient to bring all product documentation to the required level.

MHM has therefore carried out a portfolio adjustment and closed the following product groups from the previous scope and discontinued production: OP-sets/kitpackaging, introducers, monitoring sets and transfusion systems.

We regret this decision, but for economic reasons we see no alternative.

March 23rd 2020 – Update Corona Crisis

Dear customers,

as we all can gather from the media, the corona virus is spreading more and more in large parts of Europe.

So far we have not identified any supply shortages, but we must expect the situation to change in the coming weeks.

We will of course inform you immediately, should there be any delays in the delivery of your order.

At the same time we ask for your understanding and assure you to take all steps to ensure the best possible supply.

Stay healthy.

Your MHMedical Tec team

November 2019 – MHMedical Tec At The COMPAMED®

MHM has exhibited with great success for the fifth time at the internationally renowned COMPAMED®.

November 2018 – Relaunch Of Our Website

We have spared no expense or effort to inform you even better about our medical products online. Browse our redesigned website and learn all about our high quality range of products.

November 2018 – MHMedical Tec At The COMPAMED®

MHMedical Tec significantly expands its product portfolio. From November 12 to 15 please see us at the COMPAMED® trade fair in Duesseldorf in hall 8a, booth C37 to discuss your projects in detail and find out how we can support you.

Spring 2017 – MHMedical Tec Consolidates Manufacturing Activities At One Location

MHMedical Tec closes its second plant in Greven and merges all manufacturing activities at the Großostheim site. Process optimizations, cost advantages and the effort to adapt two production sites to the increasing regulatory requirements were the decisive factors for this.

After the transition phase, we are confident that we will be able to optimize response times for our customers in the context of inquiry and order processing.

November 2016 – MHMedical Tec At The COMPAMED®

MHM has exhibited with great success for the third time at the internationally renowned COMPAMED®.

November 2015 – MHMedical Tec At The COMPAMED®

MHM was selected for the COMPAMED® international exhibition preview by DeviceMed!


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September 2015 – MHMedical Tec auf der COMPAMED®

MHMedical Tec hat das Angebotsportfolio entscheidend erweitert. Erfahren Sie mehr und besuchen Sie uns auf der COMPAMED in Düsseldorf, Hall 8b/D38, vom 16. bis zum 19. November und besprechen Sie mit uns persönlich Ihre Projekte und wie wir Ihnen dabei behilflich sein können!

MHMedical Tec - Messestand

March 2015 – Statement Of MHMedical Tec Published In The German Magazine “Markt und Mitttelstand” (Market And Medium-Sized Businesses)

As a renowned manufacturer of individually designed disposable medical products, MHMedical Tec is not only a sought-after point of contact for clients but also for policymakers and media. In this context, MHMedical Tec was asked to comment on the impact of the current Euro exchange rate fluctuation.


Read the statement (1.805 KB)