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MHMedical Tec manufactures a variety of products in different product categories in line with your special requirements. Furthermore, we offer OEM product manufacturing according (see scope) to your specifications. Alternatively, we offer design and development up to the certification of respective products in close cooperation with your company.

Our core competencies include production and printing of tubing systems, fittings (assembly, bonding and foil sealing), punching/perforating, packaging (including thermoforming), sterilization and various medical draping and covering technologies. Our manufacturing is carried out exclusively in class ISO 8 or D (Germany) clean rooms.

Your Requirements:

If any of those requirements apply, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us! Call us in Germany at +49(0)6026 99176-0. Our team is always available for consultations in order to find the best solutions for implementation of your ideas. MHMedical Tec is a true problem solver and is pleased to be of assistance.

Our Service Offers:

MHMedical Tec designs and manufactures a variety of medical products according to customer specifications, and prepares all documents required by law for product certification procedures (CE marking). Additionally, the company carries out assembly, packaging and sterilization of products provided by customers.

From initial design up to serial production - we know how.

Product examples: draping, draining, infusion, monitoring and tubing systems; guide wires; introducer and transducer sets; covers hoods.