Contract Manufacturing / Build-To-Order

MHMedical Tec Is A Service Provider For Contract-Seeking And Contract-Awarding Companies

MHMedical Tec manufactures a variety of products within the scope of its production capabilities in line with your special requirements. Our modular system (components from a large procurement range) offers fast solutions without tool costs.

In addition, as an extended workbench, MHMedical Tec manufactures various medical products according to specifications or develops and certifies corresponding articles with its customers.

Our core competencies include production and printing of tubing systems, fittings (assembly, bonding and foil sealing), punching/perforating, packaging (including thermoforming), sterilization as well as various medical draping and covering technologies.

Your Requirements:

  • You have an idea regarding a new product and are looking for an innovative and flexible partner to realize your plans?

  • You have a new medical technology product and need its validation?

  • You are looking for a business partner who takes care of your entire packaging needs even for small batches while offering fair pricing?

  • You need professional sterile packaging for single-use medical devices?

Our Service Offers:

MHMedical Tec designs and manufactures a variety of medical products according to customer specifications, and prepares all documents required by law for product certification procedures (CE marking). Additionally, the company carries out assembly, packaging and sterilization of products provided by customers. From initial design up to serial production – we know how.

MHMedical Tec is a true problem solver and is pleased to be of assistance.

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