Quality Made In Germany

Quality Keeping You And Your Customers Satisfied

Well trained employees and established process controls ensure consistent product quality. Your customer satisfaction is based on our steady product quality and delivery reliability.

MHMedical Tec designs, manufactures and sells medical devices. Our production facilities meet all certification requirements to ensure the production of a comprehensive product portfolio in premium quality. Well established quality management procedures and a safety officer warrant that all quality standards during production are strictly adhered to.

This includes:

  • Consistent quality standards of our products

  • Adherence to delivery dates and readiness for delivery

  • Personal consulting services

  • Competent technical services

  • Research and development of innovative products in line with client specifications

  • Production in qualified und supervised class ISO 8 or D clean rooms

High quality standard
Adherence to delivery dates and readiness for delivery
Competent technical services

Quality Principles

MHMedical Tec’s corporate philosophy focusses on supplying peak quality products while promptly meeting client requirements in order to reach high satisfaction levels and, thus, to create long-lasting, sound business relationships with our business partners.

Quality Objectives

Consequently, our business principles define our quality policy. To meet our client demands we focus on permanently accomplishing premium quality products by means of cost optimized procedures. Every staff member shares our quality values and long-term warranties and is closely integrated in our quality management processes.


Consistent premium quality is an essential characteristic of MHMedical Tec. Most of our
specialty products are hand-manufactured by our qualified and long-standing staff. In order to clearly label this level of performance, we designed a special „Seal of Quality and Origin“.

(MediFactur® is inspired by the Latin term „manufactur“ combining the words manus =
hand and facere = to make, now adding a medical twist to the term)

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